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I blog about my side projects (mostly photography related) here. You can find my photography here and get my App for analog photography here

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2023 was a busy year. I joined a different team at work, looked after some major construction/remodelling work for an old house we bought and lots of other stuff …

The long overdue macOS companion for Yafra is finally under development.

Well, it’s the end of 2022 and I can’t believe how fast the year went by. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to program this year. Between work, family, and everything else going on, my personal projects took a back seat.

Nice typography was one of my requirements for this site. In hindsight, JetBrains Mono is probably not the best choice for a blog, so I am using that font only for headings and a plain serif font for body and subheadings.

WWDC 2022 went by and I hardly noticed. Not that I am not interested in developing for iOS anymore, quite the opposite is true! But in my hometown, some 700km from where I live now, there was an exposition of my fathers work as an artist and I used the opportunity to visit the vernissage rather than decide which dub dub videos would be most interesting for me.