retro 2023

Dec. 31, 2023 223 words 2 min

2023 was a busy year. I joined a different team at work, looked after some major construction/remodelling work for an old house we bought and lots of other stuff …

Last years 2022 retro stated that personal projects had to take a back seat and the same holds true this year. Before joining a different team at work early in 2023, I was making good progress with Yafra Tagger.

Then my new day job came with some new skills to learn. Before, I had been developing applications that were only used internally. But now, the applications serve a mobile app and a public web site. And regulation adds strict security requirements for the safety of our customers data. In other words, the new job consumed more of the energy that I would otherwise spent on my side projects.

But the main reason is an old house in the country side. We bought it 2 years ago and had it refurbished. Most of the actual work took place this year and there were times when I spent several hours a day discussing details with the different companies doing the actual work. As a result that ‘side project’ consumed any remaining time. But now that the majority of the work is done, I look forward to pick up the work on Yafra in 2024 😀

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