transcripts (make or break a video)

Feb. 23, 2017 145 words 1 min

I try to improve, hone my skills. Resources for learning seem to be without limits theses days. Search for any topic and you’ll get a dozen (free or paid) videos aimed at education. “Master Interface Builder in 2 days”, “Build a top ranking app in 24 hours”, name whatever you like, there is a video for it. I have a day job, a wife I want to spend time with and more than this one hobby. My time is obviously limited and videos are made for linear consumption. Even if a topic sounds interesting, it takes way too long to determine if the content is worth watching. My personal decision is to look for a transcript of the video. If one is a available, I will skim it to decide wether it is worth watching the corresponding video. Otherwise, I have better things to do.

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