Nice typography was one of my requirements for this site. In hindsight, JetBrains Mono is probably not the best choice for a blog, so I am using that font only for headings and a plain serif font for body and subheadings.

WWDC 2022 went by and I hardly noticed. Not that I am not interested in developing for iOS, quite the opposite is true! But in my hometown, some 700km from where I live now, there was an exposition of my fathers work as an artist and I used the opportunity to visit the vernissage rather than decide which dub dub videos would be most interesting for me.

This year saw the release of Yafra 2.0 and an overhaul of this website. My day job has been very demanding since late spring, so that there is hardly any time left for my little side projects.

We have lots of books and a rather large bookshelf in the hallway. Books are being added, some get sold and sometimes we lend them to friends and colleagues. Time to start another side project and get organized.

This post is not up to date anymore, please see update. is now based on my own hugo theme! As mentioned in new theme earlier this year, I wanted a theme for this site that satisfies at least these requirements

My intention with the SwiftUI port of Yafra was to release it as soon as the bare functionality was there and then polish it (and there is a lot to polish when using SwiftUI).