Feb. 10, 2019 245 words 2 min

I am currently on a container ship that runs from Hamburg via Rotterdam and England to the Canary Islands and back to Hamburg via Morocco, Spain and Portugal. When the vessel is close to the coast there is internet, otherwise I am literally offline. Which is a good thing. I prepared for the journey by loading my iPad with lots of music, eBooks and the WWDC app with some videos. The latter didn’t work out so well, 12GB worth of already downloaded stuff that isn’t accessible without a connection. But I have finally managed to work through two of Paul Hudsons excellent books, a novel, some short stories by Haruki Murakami and there is still more to read and learn left for the remaining time on board. At the same time, there are still features that would improve the first version of Yafra. And although my iPad is an Air 1, it is still capable enough to prototype in the Playgrounds App. I just committed my first stab at adding thumbnails to a local repo via Working Copy. Thumbnails will require a different archiving strategy. Since I don’t have a full blown development environment at my disposal, I just try to recreate the necessary steps essential to the problem at hand, e.g. snap a low res picture, serialize the data, etc. Along the way, I discover that my new code looks a lot cleaner than what I have written a couple of months ago :-)

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