joy of swiftui

Mar. 14, 2021 213 words 1 min

Although I complained a bit about SwiftUI, it really helped moving forward with the rewrite of Yafra . It is so easy to experiment with new ideas.

For example, I have a list of presets that the user can use to load a new film or to switch cameras. I wanted the operations on these lists to be easy to discover and choose not to implement my own swipe to edit gestures. SwiftUI supports a swipe to delete for list elements out of the box, but no way to add any other gestures like it was possible in UIKit.

But one can put a list in EditMode, which allows for deletion and reordering of list elements. Strange enough, EditMode does not support editing of actual list elements. Poking around in Apples own apps, it turns out that the Clock app can have a list of alarm clocks. If that list is in EditMode, the elements show a chevron that opens an editor when tapped. It took only a couple of minutes to add a chevron button that would show up in EditMode on the preset list. And since I already had an editor to create new presets, a new and long missing feature from the old UIKit version of Yafra was quickly created.

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