new theme

Jan. 2, 2021 154 words 1 min

2021 started off quiet and I finally ported this site to a different theme for hugo. That took longer than expected, because I had to change crossreferences in some old posts and also had to update links in different places. Hugo seemed less reliable than before when updating things on the fly. I sometimes had to kill and restart hugo and refresh my browser manually to actually see the changes. If you are interested in other quirks, I found hugo is probably not for you an excellent and entertaining piece on hugo.

Nevertheless, I will stick with hugo and perhaps sometime tackle a theme of my own. Boxes to tick would be:

  • no Javascript
  • no tracking/external dependencies (like google or font delivery via CDN)
  • nice typography
  • support for fotos grouped by album

But I don’t want to get sidetracked again and will rather write about things I am learning while porting Yafra to SwiftUI

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