The plan was to automate static generation of the site to the point where I just add/edit a post, run a script that builds the site and do an automatic upload.

Instead of setting up a workflow for automating this blog (see bootstrapping), I decided to use a different theme (casper instead of beautifulhugo) and lost a bit sight of the original goal, so please bear with me…

I realized that I definitly have to have version control set up before even thinking about editing the configuration of a mostly unknown system like hugo.

After dabbling around for a while with hugo, I decided to establish a real blogging workflow with that static site generator. And why not blog about, too?

I am currently hacking away at an app codenamed ‘Podcast Connection’. Using Swift for the first to time to actually programm swifty code instead of the ’translate Java into Swift’ I’ve been doing before. Having so much fun and feeling like I’m advancing my coding skills.

Nothing to see here, please move along!