After spotting and telling the nice people at fournova that some links on their website for Tower are broken, they said ’thank you’ with

Automating the infrastructure has been assigned a lower priority once more, because I want to get some serious work on an iOS project done.

I couldn’t watch all of the WWDC 2016 keynote and caught only the last bits of macOS Sierra and some iMessage stuff. The latter I couldn’t really make sense of at the time, but I don’t snapchat or use other messengers besides iMessage. So not having watched the whole thing, I was a bit underwhelmed. Nevertheless,

The plan was to automate static generation of the site to the point where I just add/edit a post, run a script that builds the site and do an automatic upload.

Instead of setting up a workflow for automating this blog (see bootstrapping), I decided to use a different theme (casper instead of beautifulhugo) and lost a bit sight of the original goal, so please bear with me…

I realized that I definitly have to have version control set up before even thinking about editing the configuration of a mostly unknown system like hugo.