After travelling a lot this year, I finally get back to coding. Well, unless I get distracted …

When I wrote this post back in April, I didn’t know that there was so much more to enjoy when coding in Swift.

Installed the public beta of macOS Sierra the other day and it breaks XLD.

After spotting and telling the nice people at fournova that some links on their website for Tower are broken, they said ’thank you’ with

Automating the infrastructure has been assigned a lower priority once more, because I want to get some serious work on an iOS project done.

I couldn’t watch all of the WWDC 2016 keynote and caught only the last bits of macOS Sierra and some iMessage stuff. The latter I couldn’t really make sense of at the time, but I don’t snapchat or use other messengers besides iMessage. So not having watched the whole thing, I was a bit underwhelmed. Nevertheless,