For good reasons, none of my iOS projects were finished this year. After moving to Hamburg this summer, some change requests for a long running project in my day job consumed way more time than expected, leaving no room for any work in the evening.

Currently, my day job requires a lot of time. As a result, none of my side projects or this site get much attention. As much as I regret it, this won’t change in the foreseeable future.

There were plans for 2017, but plans change sometimes. As a result, I will be moving (geographically “up”) to Hamburg this week.

I try to improve, hone my skills. Resources for learning seem to be without limits theses days. Search for any topic and you’ll get a dozen (free or paid) videos aimed at education.

This site has been in stealth mode ever since I started it way back in 2015 . That means

Looking back at 2016, this certainly wasn’t the year it should have been. And no, this does not refer to Brexit/Trump or Bowie/Prince/Cohen. It is the software that did not get finished…