Due to my day job, there is hardly any time to add planned features to Yafra. Sometime, when on the train to work, I test code fragments in iPad Playgrounds. That code gets eventually integrated, might fail to run in the app’s context (never wait() on the main thread) and is reworked a couple of days later.

2019 started with some intense weeks of iOS development and finally the release of Yafra to the App Store in April. Fortunately, there were no serious bugs, just some minor optical glitches.

I missed most of the WWDC exitement because there was an internal developer conference at the same time at my company. And since I only have one (aging) iMac that needs to run several 32-bit apps, no Catalina for me and I won´t be able to join all the SwiftUI fun right now.

This post should be named 1.0(Build 6) because that was the first Yafra build I actually released to the App Store.

Finally (and a little early), I submitted Yafra for review for the App Store. 25 hours later, the status changed to “Pending Developer Release” :-)

I am currently on a container ship that runs from Hamburg via Rotterdam and England to the Canary Islands and back to Hamburg via Morocco, Spain and Portugal. When the vessel is close to the coast there is internet, otherwise I am literally offline.