2021 started off quiet and I finally ported this site to a different theme for hugo. That took longer than expected, because I had to change crossreferences in some old posts and also had to update links in different places.

Looking back at 2020, it wasn’t as bad for me as a lot of people perceived it to be. I’ll be releasing a complete rewrite of Yafra in 2021. It will be based on SwiftUI and the architecture of the prototype already looks much better that the previous version.

I allocated some time to watch session videos from WWDC 2020. Many topics sounded tempting, but I skipped them in favor of stuff that could support my side project. Yafra should have received some pending features, but I was scared to increase complexity to a point were I’d be adding bugs instead of features.

Xcode 11.4 will be released shortly, the App Store requirements mandate iOS 13 soon and COVID-19 along with some planned but cancelled vacation made me finally upgrade to Catalina. The installation itself went smooth and the occasional hiccup was expected.

Due to my day job, there is hardly any time to add planned features to Yafra. Sometime, when on the train to work, I test code fragments in iPad Playgrounds. That code gets eventually integrated, might fail to run in the app’s context (never wait() on the main thread) and is reworked a couple of days later.

2019 started with some intense weeks of iOS development and finally the release of Yafra to the App Store in April. Fortunately, there were no serious bugs, just some minor optical glitches.