This post should be named 1.0(Build 6) because that was the first Yafra build I actually released to the App Store.

Finally (and a little early), I submitted Yafra for review for the App Store. 25 hours later, the status changed to “Pending Developer Release” :-)

I am currently on a container ship that runs from Hamburg via Rotterdam and England to the Canary Islands and back to Hamburg via Morocco, Spain and Portugal. When the vessel is close to the coast there is internet, otherwise I am literally offline.

What (an emotional) rollercoaster ride.

As mentioned in the last last post, I worked my way towards getting Yafra submitted to the App Store for review. That happend today and I am proud to have reached this milestone. Setting up a Twitter account for the product felt like the right thing to do.

After spending far too much time polishing my new toy, I finally signed up for a paid developer account to get it out in the wild. That should have been the easy part.