Although I complained a bit about SwiftUI, it really helped moving forward with the rewrite of Yafra . It is so easy to experiment with new ideas. For example, I have a list of presets that the user can use to load a new film or to switch cameras.

As mentioned in retro 2020, I am currently rewriting Yafra and SwiftUI is a mixed bag. After wrapping my head around @ObservableObject and its siblings, there was quick progress and I like the idea of having only a single source of truth.

2021 started off quiet and I finally ported this site to a different theme for hugo. That took longer than expected, because I had to change crossreferences in some old posts and also had to update links in different places.

Looking back at 2020, it wasn’t as bad for me as a lot of people perceived it to be. I’ll be releasing a complete rewrite of Yafra in 2021. It will be based on SwiftUI and the architecture of the prototype already looks much better that the previous version.

I allocated some time to watch session videos from WWDC 2020. Many topics sounded tempting, but I skipped them in favor of stuff that could support my side project. Yafra should have received some pending features, but I was scared to increase complexity to a point were I’d be adding bugs instead of features.

Xcode 11.4 will be released shortly, the App Store requirements mandate iOS 13 soon and COVID-19 along with some planned but cancelled vacation made me finally upgrade to Catalina. The installation itself went smooth and the occasional hiccup was expected.